• Roku Streaming Device Support

  • Steps to Activate Roku Streaming device

    Collect the Roku activation code and enter the code visiting the device activation page. It’s good, if you read and understand the activation steps. Check if the device manual is provided with the package

  • Roku Device Activation Process

    ⦁ Refer and understand Roku setup guidelines
    ⦁ Select the best device among Roku Express, Ultra, Premiere and Premiere plus
    ⦁ Collect the requirements
    ⦁ HDMI, USB and power cable is required
    ⦁ Let us find the slot to fix the cables
    ⦁ Turn the device ON
    ⦁ Now choose the display and theme settings
    ⦁ Pick your favorite color and let the display screen look good
    ⦁ If you have a Roku account, sign in
    ⦁ Else ,visit the account creation page to create a new account
    ⦁ Enter Roku code on Roku.com/link support page, Roku.com/link
    ⦁ From your mobile device such as the Smartphone or tablet, paste the URL and then wait for a while
    ⦁ Type the Roku com link enter code
    ⦁ The Roku device linking and activation is now complete
    ⦁ Do not skip any of the setup guidelines
    ⦁ Resolve the frequent error codes using the available troubleshooting guide
    ⦁ Now sign in to the account, move to the channel store
    ⦁ Add and activate your favorite Roku channel to enjoy streaming

    Select the Best Channels to Stream on Roku

    ⦁ The Roku channel
    ⦁ Sony Crackle
    ⦁ News ON
    ⦁ Film rise
    ⦁ Showtime
    ⦁ HBO Go
    ⦁ Roku Movies
    ⦁ Great Chef
    You can also select the live channel packages such as Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV and much more

  • How to Avoid the Device setup and Activation Issues?

    Best Way to Avoid Error

    ⦁ Check the activation code and the page, Roku.com/link
    ⦁ Do not use slow speed network. Use the wireless option for better performance
    ⦁ Restart the device once
    ⦁ Follow the activation steps promptly without missing any
    ⦁ Understand the activation steps before execution
    ⦁ Collect a new code contacting the service provider ,if the existing code doesn’t work
    ⦁ If it’s a channel activation issue, deactivate the channel and activate it again